The iPhone Release Date Approaches

There is a lot of speculation regarding the iPhone 7, due to be released by Apple in September, or possibly earlier, depending on the apple news blog people read. Rumors are circulating, people are anticipating what changes will be made, and there have been conflicting articles regarding headphone jacks. Apple News sources are trying to place together all the information that is available, so they can have details first. Internet sites that cover technology are all posting articles regarding the features, the design, what it will have, what it will not have, and how many versions of the phone will be available. That is a lot of hype over a phone.


The information can get confusing, so it may suit people’s needs better to rely on long standing websites that present helpful information on a regular basis regarding technology. Some sites, MacCrunch, for example, do present news and information about specific companies and products. People can go to this particular site for news, reviews, and blog posts about Apple products, advances in technology, and ways to get more out of the devices. There are posts that explain the features and applications of iPhones, for example, so people can get the most use out of their phones, and understand how to use them efficiently. Tips on troubleshooting problems, how to fix phones, and where to find great deals and promotions on products.

There is also a fair amount of information regarding the features of the new iPhone, the features it will most likely have, and whether or not there will be a headphone jack. Apparently, the iPhone 7 will include wireless ear-pods in the box with the new phone. All available pictures of the phone, which will look similar to the iPhone 6s, shows no visible jack for headphones. The new phone is said to be thinner, have improved 3D touch technology, and proximity sensors to save on the battery. Reports indicate the camera will be flush, and the antenna is now in a different place.

The important thing to keep in mind as the release date approaches is that it is a cell phone. If the phone people are currently using fits their needs, they should hang onto it. There is no real need to have the newest version of something that works well as it is. Numbers are already programmed into the current phone, scheduled appointments and important dates are a tap away, and there will be a new version to replace this new version within the next year or two. Focus time, energy, and money on family, retirement, or charity rather than a new phone.

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